Medical Records

Medical Records


          In Charge of Department   :        MEDICAL RECORD LIBRARIAN

·         Services Provided:

·         Issue of wound certificates to Investigating Officers.

·         Issue of attested copies of wound certificates to individuals.

·         Issue of drunkenness certificates to investigating officers.

·         Issue of Treatment certificates of patients to investigating officers in judicial process.

·         Issue of Treatment certificates to individuals.

·         Issue of Post Mortem certificates to investigating Officers.

·         Issue of Post Mortem certificates to individuals.

·         Correction in the records of Birth & Death Registers.

·         Production of Case sheets and other Medical Records before the courts of law or judicial officers.

·         Provide information with the Medical Records, for the purpose of preparing replies to the questions from concerned persons or authorities as the case may be, under right to information Act 2005.

·         Retrieval of case sheets and other records for the purpose of perusal and verification by the Medical Officers and Hospital authorities.

·         Preparation and forwarding of report of Monthly activities of the Hospital.

·         Preparation and forwarding of Health statistical Indices about hospital activities/functions.

·         Scrutiny and rectification of entries and other details in the case sheets and other medical records originated from wards, units and other departments attached to the hospital.

·         Collection of data from various departments and preparation of census for future use and study.


Description about the department:  

Medical Record is an essential component in the treatment of a patient and contains the information required to plan, provide and evaluate the care given to the patients and serves as a tool for communicating information to all health personnel who deals with the patients. The information recorded in the Medical Records are treated as vital and  invite legal validity as they provide material evidence as well,  in legal course of actions before the court of laws. Since the enactment of Right to information Act, 2005 came into force, any information contained in the Medical Records has to be made available to the citizens or authorities concerned at request. Hence the process of preservation and maintenance of Medical Records and classification of cases reported in the hospitals attracts top priority in hospital management system.

Location, area and facilities :- The Medical Record Department of our Hospital is functioning at the middle of the Hospital building, adjacent to the office of Nursing Superintendent.

Staff:- One Medical Record Librarian and two Nursing Assistants